Our tips for a unique experience in Strasbourg

Lots of little tips add up to a big trip!

Daily Strasbourg Life

Strasbourg is located in the heart of Alsace. Historical and cultural center, the city of Strasbourg will amaze you throughout your stay.

Wander the narrow streets of its old town and allow you to contemplate the beautiful Cathedral in the center of the its Island.

Strasbourg is a city that lives through its people and its local businesses. That is why Food & City Tours recommends that you immerse yourself in daily Alsatian life for an exceptional visit.

Not to forget

At the bottom of your backpack, take with you : your camera, your video camera, a city map (available at the tourist office ), your credit card, your phone and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Map

What to see in Strasbourg

The city is thriving in any season! You will discover the cultural richness of Strasbourg through:

  • Exhibitions & museums
  • The European District & Orangerie Park
  • The German Imperial District
  • Restaurants, Cafés, Bars & terraces
  • Outdoor festivals & Concerts
  • The Christmas Market
  • Celebration of love for “Strasbourg Mon Amour”

Not to miss

It would be a shame to stay in Strasbourg without going to see the side of its countless cultural points:

  • Cathedral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg
  • Château Square and the Palais Rohan
  • Petite France and the Covered Bridges
  • République Square

In order not to miss anything of these masterpieces , Food & City Tours offers , besides its culinary tours, walking tours around the old town with local guides. For further information, please contact us.